Sunday Sep 21 2014 

Water Heaters

Q. Do I need to drain my water heater?
A. Yes, draining your water heater every 30-60 days cleans the sediment that causes your water heater tank bottom to overheat which can lead to premature tank failure.

Q. Why does my water heater makes gurgling sounds?
A. If your water heater is making gurgling sounds it usually means there is sediment built up in the bottom of your heater causing the water at the bottom of the tank to boil and the gurgle sound is the bubble created by the boiling water rising to the top. Draining the water heater from the drain valve may help, usually by the time you hear the noise, it's time to start thinking about a new water heater.

Q. What is an expansion tank?
A. An expansion tank is designed to expand as the temperature of the water increases. This is done to maintain the level the water heater was designed to support. The expansion tank uses a rubber bladder inside that expands so the water does not increase. An expansion tank is used in conjunction with a PRV valve to prevent leaking and damage to the water heater, extending it's useful life and warranty.

Q. What is earthquake strapping?
A. Earthquake strapping helps restrain your water heater from falling or damaging piping during an earthquake. It is required on all new home water heater installations in Utah.

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